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GRUPA MI - Sjećanja (1969-1970)

  GRUPA   MI  formed in 1966, in Šibenik, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) from members of two teenage bands 'Magneti' and 'Mjesečari'. Going to college next year in Zagreb, they gain the reputation of great R&B and soul band, and through the next years they secure their lead position on dance floors and concerts throughout Croatia. After consecutive engagements in Zagreb Student centre at the end of the 60's, popular band from Šibenik gained the cult status of a favorite group with a dalmatian and american southern accent. The lead singer Neven Mijat was the one to contribute that. It is his voice that defined the genre and repertoar of the band (Ray Charles, James Brown, Otis Redding). Still, one of the biggest hits of the band was the song ''Bam Bam Ba Ba Lu Bam'', whose author is Neven Mijat. Grupa Mi stopped with active engagements on stage in 1972., but in 2001., in front of Šibenik's City Hall, they again played the unforgettable concert named