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INDEXI - Naše doba (1964-1969)

  IND EXI   were one of the earliest and most enduring bands in ex-Yugoslavia that enjoyed popularity across generations of the followers of rock music. The band was founded in 1962 in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and soon became synonymous to the so-called "Sarajevo Pop School" scene. Since all the members were university students, they had easily chosen the name for the band - INDEXI (plural of "index", a student's blue book for writing exams and attendance). In the beginning they played mostly instrumental covers of popular hits, but around 1967 started composing their own songs. The core line-up consisted of Slobodan A. Kovačević-guitar, Fadil Redžić-bass and Davorin Popović-vocals, while they frequently changed drummers and keyboard players. Similar to KORNI GRUPA, INDEXI led two parallel careers: the one as a popular band recording numerous singles and EPS, and performing at the pop festivals of easy listening "schlager" music; and the other one as a pionee