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DŽENTLMENI - Naša mladost (1965-1969)

  DŽENTL MENI  was formed in 1966 in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) by Slobodan Todorović (guitar and vocals), Živorad "Žika" Jelić (bass guitar), Milan Buza (rhythm guitar) and Velibor "Boka" Bogdanović (drums), getting the name "Džentlmeni" on Todorović's idea, despite Jelić's suggestion of naming the band "Žetoni". The lineup performed until April 1967 when the band had split in two fractions. Todorović did not continue working with any of the fractions, moving to Siluete and then to the band CD. Milan Buza, with Branko Stefanović (vocals), Đorđe Doksas (solo guitar), Moma Lukić (drums) and Dušan Ćućuz (bass guitar), performed under the moniker Džentlmeni for approximately a year at local parties before disbanding in 1968. The other fraction, featuring Bogdanović and Jelić, continued working with the new Džentlmeni lineup, completed by Mihajlo Simikić (tenor saxophone, clarinet, piano and vocals), Branko Marušić "Čutura" (vo