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O'HARA - O'Hara (1965-1967)

  O'HA RA  was a vocal and instrumental band from Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia), which has worked since 1965 to 1967. Most of the band members formed the guys from a Technical School in Zagreb. The band was established in 1965 by Edvin Haramina (drums), Miljenko Ljubić (bass), Rajko Boltižar (lead guitar), Frano Parać (keyboards) and singer Marcela Munger. O'Hara began performing at the dance club in the local community. In 1967 band left Rajko Boltižar, briefly replaced by Goran Ivas, then Krešimir Ivić. After that band left singer Marcela Munger, and in its place hops Josipa Lisac. It is the golden age of band O'Hara. After that band O'Hara falls apart and Frane Parać and Josipa Lisac goes to the "Zlatni akordi". (from wikipedia)