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DALTONI - Kolekcija (1968-1970)

DALTONI was a Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band, notable for being one of the pioneers of the former Yugoslav rock scene. The band was formed in Niš in August, 1963 by Branislav Cvetković (who at first took up guitar but soon switched to bass guitar) Žarko Stanković (guitar), Rista Trajković (rhythm guitar) and Nebojša Stojanović (drums). At first the band mostly performed cover versions of Hank Marvin and The Shadows instrumentals, but for their first public appearance, at the Gimnazijada festival in Skopje the band was joined by vocalist Miodrag Rašić. The band had their first public appearances in Niš in 1965, at the cult club Index, where vocal duties were given to Dušan Mitrović and Miša "Šolja" Tašić, and Mihajlo "Mika" Paligrdić was temporarily the band's drummer. The band was soon joined by keyboardist Miodrag "Miško" Stojanović. In 1966 Rašić officially left the band, and was replaced by Goce Nikolovski from the rival group Rubinsi. The n…