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IBRICA JUSIĆ - Celuloidni pajac (1968) EP

  IBRICA   JUSIĆ  started his career in Dubrovnik in 1965. On invitation of composer Pero Gotovac he went in Zagreb. He was a winner on Zagreb Festival in 1968, with song "Celuloidni pajac". He won the first prize on the same festival also in 1969 with song "Osobenjak" and in 1970 with song "Mačka". Then, Zagreb became too small for him (as he said), so he went in Paris where he has felt international experience. After all, he always returned by summers every year to his hometown Dubrovnik and sang midnight concerts to his loyal public. By using his summer travels to Dubrovnik he started to cooperate with Dubrovačke ljetne igre in 1971 and with songs of Pero Gotovac he sang on shows of Games Edward II, Columbo and Aretej. He composed music and sang in the show "Životopis Miha Pracata" in 1977. In the same year he recited in Knežev dvor, and, as he recited in so elite place, that was also his reward for his artistic value. He is one of the first s