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SILUETE - Sve najbolje (1966-1970)

  SILU ETE  officially formed on October 20, 1961 by Zoran Miščević (vocals) and Branko Gluščević (formerly of Black Cats, rhythm guitar), Ilija Stanić (guitar), Zoran Simjanović (keyboard) and Miroslav "Mine" Minić (drums). The band members, influenced by the film The Young Ones which featured Cliff Richard and The Shadows, named the band Siluete. The band had their first bigger performance on Đorđe Marjanović's concert in Dom sindikata. After performances in Makarska during the summer of 1963, the members of Siluete departed. Simjanović moved to Elipse, Gluščević and Miščević formed Lutalice with guitarist Božidar "Lari" Plesničar and rhythm guitarist Slobodan Mihajlović, and Ilić continued to lead Siluete in the new lineup: Dejan Dunjić (bass guitar), Jovan Mišević (drums), Miomir "Kraka" Petrović (rhythm guitar) and Ljuba Đorđević (keyboard). As the band performed instrumental music, at one of their performances they were approached by singer Tomis